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What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is a process that has been around for centuries. In this method, the ink is transferred onto a mesh from where an instrument like a squeegee in used to push the ink through the mesh and on to a surface. The mesh surface is the screen through which the ink or colors are transferred, thus the name.

Screen printing was used in the old days for public announcements as such as those were mostly on fabric. This printing process can be used for fabrics like silk or any other garment material as well as on wood, glass and ceramics. Therefore, the industry that uses it is mainly the garment and clothing industry which includes party supplies, clothing labels, decals and even dental care products. A digital image can also be printed using this method, whereas a manual process of stencil is also used to print on fabric. The procedure takes time, so it can print a limited number at one given time. It is better for larger orders because it can give the finished product a professional look.

Screen printing can give a more accurate and beautiful image on fabric or cloth of your choice. It lasts longer if proper care is taken. The colors look bright and stand out through screen printing even though it takes more time than digital printing. Several screens are required to make a more colorful or multi graphic. A drawback is that unlike digital printing, it does not print a high resolution digital image and the details do not show up. So, while the colors are gorgeous, the image will not be as accurate as a digital image.

It can also print on medium surfaces as well as printing large images on a cloth. It is also easier to print on a specific part of a garment, as you can manually place the screen on that area. It is best for specialized products and surfaces, like the curved surface of a mug.

It can be used easily for both outdoor and indoor purposes, however outdoor might have to use more expensive ink that does not wash out. Industrial screen printing presses now work efficiently, use high quality ink and produce professional prints.

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