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  1. Watch Box

    Packing a watch box with utmost care is essential as it is a fragile luxury item that is not only expensive but can break or malfunction easily. A watch box is made from corrugated cardboard, with layers of hardboard to make it sturdy. Other materials used include PU, plastic, velvet for inner and so on. Companies that sell watches have to focus a lot on their wristwatch packaging material and ensure that it is robust, both from outside and inside. The outside should be hard enough to protect the item from external damage, while the inner packaging is soft and shock absorbing to cushion the article.

  2. Custom Tuck Box Custom Tuck Box

    Tuck Box

    You can pick the style for your custom-designed tuck-box (Tuck End, Tuck Top, Roll End Tuck Top, and Roll End Tuck Front). All we promise is that we design boxes that give your product the best outlook presentation possible.Tuck boxes have to be the most ordered product at RegaloPrint, since it has so many different uses. Almost all product manufacturers use tuck boxes to move their product safely and with style. From cosmetic companies to electronic hardware manufacturers, all are in need of quality tuck boxes and we happen to offer the best quality boxes for the best prices.

  3. Toy Box

    Toys are a prized possession for all kids and thus toy box packaging has to be attractive and captivating. Not only are the colors and text on the box engaging, but the material should be sturdy and durable. Children get excited by just looking at the plaything they have gotten as a gift or when browsing through the toy store, a well crafted toy box can grab their attention. Corrugated boxes with transparent vinyl sheet on one side, through which the product can be viewed are the most common type of toy boxes.

  4. Software Boxes

    Software tools are a need of the modern world. If you are also in some similar business, creating a software box that could make your software disks safe is important. Properly crafted and carefully customized covers are also helpful in marketing and business development. The content and design of the product matters the most; therefore, it is important to contact some reliable printing agency for better job and quality results.

  5. Retail Box

    Product retail box is the one that readily takes attention when a customer walks into a store. You can choose which packaging box style puts your product at its best advantage, among the dozens of box design, style and size options we offer. Retail packaging Boxes comes in all shapes and sizes, containing as many and as different objects as you can imagine. They are specially designed for brands, as retail boxes are made for the end-customer, so every detail has to be just right, which is why we take complete responsibility for manufacturing the retail boxes as would suit your product best.

  6. Pyramid Box

    Pyramid boxes are packaging solutions that have three faces instead of the typical four of a packaging box. As the name suggests, the pyramid shaped boxes have a flat square base with three triangle tied up at the top. This unique and smart packaging solution is very popular for bakeries, handmade chocolates and candies or to make announcements. These boxes can be tied up with ribbon, lace of have a top handle attached for more security and stability. They can also be used by companies for giveaways or goodie bags to take away.

  7. Mailer Box

    Ready to ship mailer boxes that are sturdy and stylish can make a lot of difference in the online shopping experience of a customer. Boxes are customizable and available in a variety of sizes and colors, depending on the nature of the product being sent. Custom mailer packaging is the latest trend in online shopping whether it is for a mystery subscription box, gift box, cosmetics and skin care packaging or any retail packaging. Tenacious yet light weight, these boxes can also be used by shipping companies for their mailing purposes.

  8. Magnetic Box Magnetic Box

    Magnetic Box

    These magnetic boxes give off a luxurious look, and make any gift or product look fancy. The more expensive or unique a product is, the more it's packaging has to be custom made and extravagant. Whether it is a watch, jewelry, sales kit and so on, these hinged box with magnet closure is a must as it will give your brand an edge over the others. These rigid boxes are sturdy and keep valuable items safe inside, while making the receiver impressed with the attention to detail given by the company.

  9. Linen Card Box

    The crisp and textured surface of linen card box makes it a luxurious option among customized packaging boxes. The glaze of the packaging box gives off an air of grandiose, and that is why these boxes are mostly used as gift boxes or product packaging boxes to store jewelry, cosmetics, hi-tech items and so on. The quality of the linen card stock is such that it does not allow breakage and lowers damage by impact. Delicate and expensive items like USB sticks, necklaces or bracelets are stored in such boxes. Exclusive food items like customized chocolates etc. or even precious photographs can be gifted in such custom packaging.

  10. Kraft Box

    Kraft Packaging Box is the most popular choice for the brands who want their product to be the center of customer's attention. Simple, elegant and lightweight; kraft packaging boxes do not interfere with the outlook of your product. They let customers glimpse the product in all its glory without any compliment colorful packaging boxes. That's the reason why designer labels choose simple brown, white or matte black kraft paper boxes for their products (ties, wallets, scarfs, organic lifestyle items, designer chocolates etc.). Crafted from the finest quality kraft paper stock, these boxes are made for the end customers with attention to the tiniest detail.

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Cheap Packaging Boxes and Shipping Supplies at One Stop! For any product based business, it is very important to have effective packaging. This is simply because without an effective packing box for Read More ....

Cheap Packaging Boxes and Shipping Supplies at One Stop!

For any product based business, it is very important to have effective packaging. This is simply because without an effective packing box for shipping, a product is unable to post a good impression in the eyes of the customers. Over the years, due to the increasing demand, there has been a phenomenal growth in the packaging industry. RegaloPrint is the leading online box packaging printer, which offers cheap supplies on the web. The company has been since long in the business of printing stickers, banners, packaging box, postal boxes and many more. Our business history is witness to the fact that our printing services, particularly with regards to retail and other packaging supplies have been top rated by the customers for their quality, reliability and affordability.

Design and Print different Versions of Wholesale Packaging Supplies

You as a customer are free to make and design your own product as per your wishes and requirements. Suppose you need a pizza box or some high quality items for your office, you just need to make a map of what you want to see in them. The rest is the job of our team members who will design your packaging material like someone prepares cake packaging and gift boxes for the loved ones and software boxes for their industry. This enables you as a customer to install your preferred and most wanted features and design in your printing solution like wholesale packaging boxes.

Small, Medium or Large size packing supplies at cheap rates!

Whether you need the boxes for your commercial purpose or individual usage, you can always come to our customer support with your list of specifications for custom packaging boxes. Our friendly customer support will help you in finding the most suitable item for your needs. In this regard, we have divided our boxes category into some sub-categories like; advertisement packaging, beverage, cigarette, bottle packaging etc. all you need is to give us your list of specifications for design, size and printing process. The most important and solid material for heavy products should be packed in corrugated boxes for best safety. You can get your boxes in almost every custom size you need.

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