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What is an Offset Printing process?

Offset is a printing method that uses the process of lithography or the repulsion of oil and water. In this process, ink is spread on to a plate where the image is formed and then transferred on to a rubber plate which presses the ink on to the paper. Mostly 4 differently colored plates are made using the four primary colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black that are later superimposed on one another to make a colored print.

The main industries that use this process of printing are commercial ones that need a huge number of printing in short time, for example, newspapers, brochures, magazines etc. These companies need printing in a short time and they also need up to 1,000,000 a day at times. Offset printing is an efficient method as it prints a huge quantity of material in less time. In fact the more you print, the more cost-effective it gets. It is more useful if you need more than 250-500 prints of brochures or cards.

Offset printing can print various colors, usually using the primary colors as well as incorporating the Pantone Matching System to create an image. It can also print on different textures like glossy or matte. It produces sharp and accurate images with rich colors making your image really stand out.

This method prints from 4-6 colors at a time, and gives a high quality image as a product. The lithography press can handle large formats of paper as well. If the unit is 40 inches, it can print a page of 25" by 38" which are full size sheets and you can reduce the size by half or quarter.

Offset lithography can print on any kind of material, from card, corrugated boxes, paper and even cloth. It can thus be used to print outdoor as well indoor marketing material. The process is simple, the inks dry up quick making it friendly towards most materials.

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