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  1. Certificate Folders

    In order to preserve and protect your achievements and certificates, you employ certificate folders. They help you manage the data and celebrate the joys for the longer period of time. From your educational records to distinctions and training certificates, everything requires special attention and care. You can do all of that by having a quality custom document holder. For getting quality folders, always consult reliable printing company like RegaloPrint. Get a Quote

  2. Custom Folders

    Customized printing solutions are indeed the most in-demand printing items in any niche. In folders printing, we make sure that you get your desired printing results. You can use them for data management and brand development purposes. A custom folder is designed and printed as per your own requirements and specifications. Here, you enjoy ample freedom to personalize folders as per your needs. Get a Quote

  3. Die-cut Folders

    Die-cut folder is very unique in terms of its design and printing mechanism. It is designed and printed as per the clients' requirements and specifications of die-cutting. Paper folders are not less than any printed item of the online industry in terms of quality, price and creativity. They can be of extreme help to protect your documents and advertise your business. In order to get your order printed, come up with list of specifications and get orders back within a record time. Get a Quote

  4. File Folders

    In any industry or profession, files management is an important element of office management. You can use file folders for making your office looked organized and disciplined. Printing solutions like manila file folders are not only useful in terms of functionality but equally well in advertisement perspectives. Make sure you contact some reliable printing agency for your assignments to get an effectively customized and brand promoting material. Effective personalization is the key to successful branding material. Get a Quote

  5. Legal Folders

    Legal folders are designed for storing your large sized documents and presenting them in a professional manner. They can be business proposals, official announcements, political manifestos and contracts. From 9.5" x 14.5" to 9" x 12", various sizes serve different purposes. You can customize your business folders to manage all of your legal sized files and print material. The customization should involve key product ingredients including its size, shape, content and printing material. Above all, your printing process can also make the difference in product's overall outlook. Get a Quote

  6. Photo Folders

    Photo folders are an important part of your business's legal perspectives. While signing a legal contract or delivering a presentation, you can use them as helping hand for you. Sized in 4.5 x 6.5, 5.5 x 8.5, and 9 x 12, they can be printed in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can also design a portrait folder as per your business and professional needs as we give you enhanced freedom of choice in various respects. Get a Quote

  7. Pocket Folders

    Pocket folder is not only a valuable print material for data management but also for promotional drives. Its built-in pockets help keep your files safe and presentable in a professional manner. On the other hand, it also helps in the awareness creation as you can print your logo, brand slogans and certain key service features to promote yourself as a business entity. We help you promote your business and develop a brand centered product. Get a Quote

  8. Presentation Folders

    As the name depicts, presentation folders are very special type of folders used for presentation of documents and drafts. In folders niche, they possess the most valuable position in terms of being the most successful tool for business development and promotion. Normally, a personalized folder is printed in 9" x 12" with open 18" x 14.5 sizes. However, if your professional or personal needs require you to customize the size, you can always make it. Almost every good printing agency gives you freedom of choice to customize things. Get a Quote

  9. Tri Panel Folders

    Every advertiser wants to be unique as every business requires distinctive items. Tri-panel folders are highly individualized and completely personalized in various respects. They not only look adorable but also provide ample space for storage. Additionally, their every panel provides a delicate chance to promote your product, service or ideas. In printing process, keep equal focus on the quality of product and its cost to avoid any financial problem later on. Get a Quote

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9 Item(s)

Eye Catching Folder Printing for Business and Personal Needs Organizations, these days, need variety of printed material for various corporate affairs. Their commercial requirements are not restricte Read More ....

Eye Catching Folder Printing for Business and Personal Needs

Organizations, these days, need variety of printed material for various corporate affairs. Their commercial requirements are not restricted to marketing alone; instead, office and work management are also part of that. Folder printing is one such practice that helps companies remain best managers of their work and office. At RegaloPrint, we fully understand the need and demand of folders in the organizational set ups. Therefore, empathizing with your position, we offer you value-added, creative, high quality printing services with strong corporate values and history. We have years of industry experience and state-of-the-art equipment installed in our printing labs.

Therefore, we feel confident to offer you completely customized jobs as per your needs, requirements and demands. Our product portfolio is very vast as if you look at our folders printing category, you will find a beautiful bunch of unique and delicate designs and many more custom solutions. The beauty of our printing services is that here, you are able to design, make and then print folder as per your requirements. There are many popular sizes of folders that have become industry standards. At RegaloPrint, we provide folders in various sizes including 9.5" x 14.5", 6" x 9", 9" x 12" etc.

Print Folder - What Makes Customers Satisfied??

Our printing process is equipped with state of the art machinery and we employ latest CMYK/PMS full color printing techniques. In addition to this, enhanced freedom for customer to specify color, content, graphics, shape, outlook, printing process etc. makes the whole thing more of an individual/custom job. This way, we ensure added customer satisfaction by delivering quality results. In addition to this, we offer FREE samples and customized quotes in advance, so that you could make the right choice. Our friendly customer support representatives remain active during the whole session and provide you constant assistance. Despite this much customized work, the cost to print folder remains low as compared to industry. We keep strict check on the price and ensure that your folders remain cost effective without any compromise on quality and reliability.

Design as per Specifications - "Online Folders"

Whatever size and shape you need, RegaloPrint is ready to take on it. However, if you are satisfied with existing traditional products' designs, you can skip traditional ones and can come up with your own specifications. We design your traditional folder online in the light of your requirements and given specifications. Glossy/matte finish, embossing, digital printing process, PMS/CMYK are few features that can make your products look even more enchanting. So what are you waiting for?? Give us a call or talk to our live chat customer representatives to get folders printing in the shortest possible time.

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