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  1. Custom Bookmarks

    Generally, a custom bookmark is used for variety of purposes. It can serve as a reminder in the books, libraries, calendars and as a dedicated promotional tool. A card bookmark is relatively specialized item that is printed after a thorough planning of the product specifications, its usage, outlook and budget. We are pleased to provide you every type of product in the given niche, as per your needs, requirements and budget. Get a Quote

  2. Small Bookmarks

    A small bookmark is a specialized item that is designed and printed for a particular niche. Unlike the traditional marketing tools, it is effective because it helps users in their tasks, and do not seem boring. Bookmarks can be used in libraries, restaurants and offices for a variety of purposes. All you need is to bring a set of specifications and provide the details to us. We promise you to deliver quality printing results in a timely manner. Get a Quote

  3. Standard Bookmarks

    Standard bookmarks are some of the most popular printing solutions that work as excellent marketing tool. They are printed normally in 2x7.25, 2x9 or 2.78x6.47 sizes with customers' specified requirements and characteristics. They work wonders in terms of marketing and also provide users a sense of relief in very small but important tasks. If properly customized, standard bookmarks can add more value to your business and provide added advantage of development and growth. Get a Quote

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3 Item(s)

Get Known Everywhere via Printing Bookmarks! RegaloPrint is one of the most dynamic and comprehensive printing services providers in the market. We are a one stop shop for all of your printing needs Read More ....

Get Known Everywhere via Printing Bookmarks!

RegaloPrint is one of the most dynamic and comprehensive printing services providers in the market. We are a one stop shop for all of your printing needs where; formal, custom, promotional, traditional and creative printing solutions are available. Bookmarks are regarded as non-formal advertisers and used primarily for keeping references of books and resources. Unlike stickers, banners and billboards, they don’t seem to be messy advertisers; therefore people do not get bored of them. Instead, students, librarians, professionals and researchers use them for their functional needs. They can vary in sizes (2” x 6”, 3" x 7", all custom sizes available).

Competitive Advantages of Marketing via Bookmarks

Marketing managers find bookmark printing as a way to promote their business and develop a strong brand. In this regard, we welcome you onboard and offer our custom bookmarks printing services with guarantee of quality results and customer satisfaction. We offer you 3 competitive advantages: first, we have the latest printing technologies installed in our system, secondly, our workforce is properly trained, and tertiary, we offer the most affordable printing price plans. Whether you are looking bookmarks for your school’s library, or you are a business who wants to do some charity, promote yourself on those bookmarks in a delicate way. Get in touch with us and obtain quality bookmarks online that strike in the market.

Get Quicker Advice by Online Support Agents!

In this regard, you can discuss your case with our 24 hour available support representatives via telephone or live chat window. Provide your specifications and get quality advice. We give you freedom of choice in terms of making your product’s size, shape, design and outlay. You can obtain FREE Samples and custom quotes to make right decisions for your product. RegaloPrint is pleased to announce multiple FREE services to ensure your maximum satisfaction with or printing services. We provide you Free Customization, Designing, Glossy/Matte finish and Shipment service with every order. Our product range is also quite dynamic that makes your selection even easier than ever before. This strong combination of products, services and value addition makes the process more personalized, attractive and customer-oriented that ultimately ensures 100% Customer Satisfaction.

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