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What is Digital Printing?

Digital printing as the name suggests is a more modern process of printing images, content on to a surface. It uses the computer to read an image which is then transferred on to a surface by tiny nozzles that propel ink in an accurate manner using either laser or inkjet process.

It is the best process for small businesses or short term printing purpose. It can handle a smaller quantity of printing, due to the time it takes, the slightly costlier ink as well the technology involved in it. However, it is cost effective and more useful for those who want to print less than 500 copies in a day. It allows one to change an image, colors etc and also provides on demand printing. It can print smaller runs as well as multiple-version runs for customers.

Digital printing is mainly for smaller runs and businesses thus, the number of prints it can take out at once is limited to approximately 500-1000. Having said that, this is an ample number of print out for purposes that suit digital printing best. Marketing the company or service is the most important step for a business to flourish, and printing with a digital process makes it easier and cost effective.

The colors come out gorgeous and sharp, and there's little difference between offset printing colors and digital colors. It can print multiple colors at once, and there is no requirement of making plates. The colors are not as accurate as offset printing, but at the same time it is perfect for smaller sizes.

The size of the digital print is smaller than a lithographic printing press can handle. The reason being that digital printers can function optimally in smaller sizes.

Digital printing offers less options in printing material and ink. However, it is ideal for regular, everyday print outs that you may need like distributing marketing material in the form of brochures or leaflets. It is not that much feasible for outdoor printing as it cannot print the large size required and the colors do not come as accurate on outdoor materials.

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