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Our services dedicated to this industry and also to the clients. The points mentioned below need to be discussed in the same sequence.

Technology to Print and Design

We have the most high end and state of the art technology to design and print on a variety of textures, surfaces and sizes. We have something for everyone, and so depending on your budget and requirements, we can advise you about the best way to implement your plans.

Our Role in This Industry

Our role in the printing industry is to provide our clients with professional looking material, and to make digital printing affordable with high quality for everyone. We provide printing services to all those who want to opt for digital printing, which gives a professional look to your marketing material or wedding invitations.

Our Professionals and Experts as a Team

Our team of professional printing and designing experts will guide you at every step of the way providing clients with a variety of options. Discussion and changes in design can be advised and made before printing. The panel of experts ensures that there are no hitches in the printing process and the end product is worth your money.

Designing Team / Creative Designers (Design Department)

Digital printing and designing is all about creativity, and we have on board some visionary designers who can make innovative designs. Whether it is a marketing campaign or a birthday invite, our designers will come up with innovative ideas to stay within the budget as well as making your printing material unique.

Print Ready Team (Pre-Press Department)

Our pre-press department has a critical look at the final layout of the print on a computer. From copy editing to screening and final digital check is done in this department. It ensures that the product is perfect and ready for final print out.

Proof Readers (Pre-Press Department)

Another set of professionals, who proof read and edit material to make the end result professional. A poorly proof read printed billboard or business card can create a negative impact on the audience.

Production Department (When Product Goes Into Manufacturing)

When the product goes into printing, the production department overlooks the making of the plates and that the ink is properly coated. In case of off-set printing, the production department is responsible for the actual printing and are present at the machines taking care that everything is done on time.

Lamination/ UV Coating

We provide both lamination and UV coating as part of the post-printing process. Whichever option you choose, you will get the highest quality available within your budget. Both processes have their pros and cons, and suitable advice will be given as per your requirement.

Die Cutting

You can now make your printing material cut out in different shapes to make them stand out amongst your competition.

Stock and Ink Quality Checkers (Quality Assurance Department)

We provide the services of ensuring that the ink and stock that content or images are printed on are of top notch quality. This is an important step because without a quality check, the printing quality is compromised.

Packing & Shipping

We also pack and ship your printed material to your doorstep!

Customer Care Team (Live Chat Representative)

Our super efficient customer care team is available for our clients at all times to provide you with help and to answer your queries around the clock.

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