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Give new life to your printing products via Cross Selling

Cross Selling Products: This is a combination we are going to offer with one product to another. You explain the connection between the two cross selling products as well.

  1. Folders with business cards:

Creating the appropriate image in a business meeting is essential to you, because it sets off the tone of your professional attitude. It is important to show clients that you have your work done, and everything from your business cards to Customized folders is branded with your logo and company information. We offer folders printing services with business cards, so that you can attach your contact information along with the product or file folders you distribute in a meeting.

  1. Folders with inserts

Presentation Folders create an impact during meetings and presentations, and also shows that your work is organized. It shows a level of professionalism to the clients, and when you distribute the printed folders to them, make sure you insert custom made flyers in them as well. This is a great way of marketing and advertising your company's product and services. Printed Folders with inserts are a combination of printing products that we offer to our customers to make their presentations standout.

  1. Letterheads with business cards

Another successful combination you can choose are letterheads with business cards. In this way, you will have business cards printed to share your contact information with potential customers. While, customized letterheads with company's logo are essential for official letters and marketing pitch. Here we offer you both in a single bucket, get this combination for better business visibility.

  1. Banners with Flyers

If you are interested in outdoor advertising then printed full color banners are the perfect way to market your product along the roadside. While you are getting banners printed, we offer a combination with flyers which are known as one of the best forms of advertising as it reaches maximum amount of people. Once again you can enjoy the boost of outdoor marketing by adding this combination in your shopping cart. We bet, no one can beat our lowest rates of printing banners and flyers all over the Canada.

  1. Bottle neck tags with bottle labels

Customized bottle neck tags are combined with bottle labels, as you can attach both and amplify the marketing. It also gives a more professional look when you have both neck tags and labels as it creates a wholesome impression. Here we offer you both tags printing and labels printing in single pack with your given specifications.

  1. CD Jackets with foil seals

A lot of companies have marketing material, videos, tutorials in the form of video or audio that is stored in CDs. It is important to get customized CD jackets so that the customer knows exactly where the material you gave is. In combination with CD jackets printing, we offer you foil seals. These are dime sized metallic stickers that are used to seal the CD jacket.

  1. Table tents with a restaurant menu

you can advertise your special offers, promotions, deals of the day and other special menus on table tents. In combination with this is the restaurant menu that is essential on the table. It entices customers to try a certain drink or dish that has been displayed appealingly on their table.

  1. Shipping Boxes with shipping labels

All those companies who ship their products to different parts of the country or shipping companies who deal in delivering various products need to have customized shipping boxes. This is not only a safe way for the products to reach their destination but also promotes your company. Shipping labels are offered in combination with printing of shipping boxes.

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